Help us fight to bury the Ontario Line so we can save our community's parks, health and well-being


We are fighting to save:

Our parks

The Ontario Line will destroy 5 of our most beloved parks (Bruce Mackey, Jimmie Simpson, McCleary, Saulter and Tiverton), including playgrounds, ice rink, basketball and tennis courts

Our health

The Ontario Line will cause dangerous levels of noise, vibration and pollution. Metrolinx plans to start construction before any environmental assessment

Our sunlight

A 7-metre high wall along both sides of the railway will visually split our community and block sunlight

Bury the line.

Show your support!

Who are we?

We are members of the surrounding community who think everyone needs to know what is happening to our parks and green spaces.

We advocate for sustainable public transit that respects environmental standards and that safeguards the health and well-being of communities.


One of our goals is to ensure our community is aware of what is happening with the Ontario Line and our green spaces. We all deserve better transparency than what has happened so far.


As with many things, there is a process to go through. We will advocate for our community throughout those processes and to our elected officials


We work with other community groups, agencies and officials to come to mutual understandings. We want to work with everyone.


Transit projects and our green spaces are complex topics. We firmly believe that all information needs to be shared. We share information freely. This empowers us.

SJS Transit Recommendation

1. Write to Premier Doug Ford, let him know how you feel about the Ontario Line

2. Write to your MP, MPP, or Councillor

3. Write to the Metrolinx Chairperson

Tell them: For the health and safety of our community, the Ontario Line MUST be built underground. Send your letters by March 22, 2021 so they receive them before their upcoming meeting.

Address to Donald Wright, Chair, at or 97 Front St W, Toronto M5J 1E6.

Our community shouting how they feel


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